EyeLash Info & Care.

 Please Read Carefully

Eyelash Extension Care & Knowledge
  • Do Not perm or tint your eyelash extensions application.
  • Do Not use Oil or Oil based products on your eyelashes, it will make them stick together, and damage your natural eyelashes as well.
  • Do Not rub your eyelashes when washing your face. When you wash your face clean around the lashes.
  • Try your best not to sleep on your face, you will smash your lashes.
  • Please wait 24 hours before bathing with steamy water, steam will loosen the adhesive.
  • Please do not try to remove your eyelash extensions, you will damage your lashes, Call me ( the lash tech ) to remove them, or go to the booking page and book "Eyelash Extension removal".
  • Do Not tug or tweeze your lashes you will damage your natural lashes if you do so.
  • Clean all eye make up off your eyelids daily, when cleaning please gently remove make up, so that any product won't make contact to the lash extensions.
  • Do not cut your eyelash extensions it would make the eyelashes blunt and unnatural.
  • Brush daily with a clean spoolie .
  • Please Do Not Use Mascara.
  • Get Fill ins EVERY 2 to 2 in a half weeks.
If you don't follow these direction you may experience unnecessary lash shedding or/and damage your natural eyelashes. 
An average eyelid has 90-120 lashes, your eyelashes will shed between 3-5 lashes per day so on average you will lose about:
                                            22 lashes In 1 Weeks
                                            44 lashes In 2 Weeks
                                            68 Lashes In 3 Weeks
    Mink Eyelash Strip Care
    • After you remove your lashes,remove previous lash glue before your next application to keep your marvelous eyelashes neat and healthy.
    • After you remove your lashes place the eyelashes back into the case to mode them back into shape.

    If in the Saint Louis / East Saint Louis area , with the very first purchase of 3d Mink eyelash strips I will apply for free.